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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Stangs55, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, but I didn't find it on a search.

    I also realize that this is technically pure speculation...but I'm curious what the consensus is on how current apps will adapt to the new "presumed" taller screen of the iPhone 5. By totally changing the vertical height of the screen, it seems that many apps (mine included) will need to make some significant coding changes to accommodate these new dimensions....I'm 99% sure that my current app would have some broken parts if it was all of a sudden supposed to run in new dimensions.

    Given Apple's approach to secrecy, it's not surprising that developers have not been given time to prepare for the dimensions of the iPhone 5...but seeing how much time we get in preperation for new iOS releases, those seem like a cakewalk to prepare for in comparison. On top of this, we'll likely see one zillion apps submit an update within days of xcode being updated for iPhone 5....I can't imagine how long those will take to go through...

    So how do you think the iPhone 5 will handle the resolution of current apps?

    (again, I feel like this should be an issue that's been discussed quite a bit, but I can't find it anywhere here)
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    I have no inside information but my best guess is that if you have hard-coded the size of your root UIWindow then there will be a black section at the bottom of the screen
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    UIWindow adjusts its size automatically. As long as things like autosizing masks are set correctly on the subviews, then you should be good. The autosizing masks tell iOS how to adjust sizes and y positions of your subviews when the UIWindow changes.

    If your windows resize properly with "Toggle in-call status bar" now then they should work ok at the new resolution too.

    That said, I suspect Apple will put "black bars" around all old apps until they are explicitly updated to support the new resolution. There's probably an Info.plist flag or something you need to add to tell iOS to give you the bigger UIWindow.

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