Preparing MBA for resale

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    I'll be selling my 2011 MBA 13 soon, possibly to a friend, but potentially on the open market.

    In order to prepare it, should I securely erase the SSD, then reinstall Lion?

    I don't really store any data on it, apart from my iTunes library, so my assumption is that I can just copy that to another drive, and when my MBP arrives (likely after I've sold the MBA) I can just transfer my apps and settings from my MacMini and then copy the iTunes library over.

    There are several months of AppleCare left on it - how do I ensure the new buyer benefits from it, should they need it?
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    To backup your data, you can create a bootable clone of your drive with Carbon Copy Cloner.

    For preparing the Mac for sale, if you're on Snow Leopard or earlier:
    If you're on Lion or later:

    AppleCare follows the computer, not the owner. Anyone who buys the Mac will have access to any remaining AppleCare coverage automatically.

    You can verify remaining warranty/AppleCare coverage for any Mac by entering the serial number here.
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