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  1. Wxchaser macrumors regular


    Oct 28, 2017
    How should I clear my existing smart home equipment in preparations for a move in 10 days to a new home?
    I am leaving all my Lutron switches installed in current home, and since my home was marketed as smart home compatible, I have to leave all my smart bulbs. Also I will be leaving my Lutron Smart Bridge and the Phillips Hue bridge for whoever purchases my home.

    Is there an easy way to reset these bridges/hubs so they are like factory reset? They will be removed from my routers and network switches - and disconnected from internet access.

    Currently I have 5 smart Lutron Caseta switches in my home, with a Lutron bridge and a Phillips Hue bridge.

    I have a HomePod incorporated into my home theater system, an ATV4K with that, and an Apple TV 4th generation in my office. The Phillips Hue bridge has 27 accessories connected to it.

    Thanks for any help on this, since connecting all this equipment it has never been moved.
  2. bbednarz macrumors 6502a


    Nov 16, 2017
    Cant speak for Lutron, but inside the Hue app there is the option to reset the bridge which I believe resets all the bulbs and everything in one shot. This should also remove them from HomeKit. I reset my whole house about 6 months ago cant remember the exact process, but removing the stuff was painless... Adding it all back was time consuming to say the least...
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    Mar 19, 2015
    I recently sold my home and it was also marketed and sold as a smart home. I had several WEMO switches, some Hue bulbs/light strips and a full on Lutron setup with several switches.

    Here's what I did when I left:
    • Took the Hue hub, bulbs, bridge and light strips
    • Took the Lutron hub only, leaving the switches
    • Left all the WEMO switches
    • Left the Genie WIFI garage door opener
    • Left the smart sprinkler system
    For all the items I left, I reset them to factory default then let the realtor know exactly what the new owner would have to do in order to get it back to the way they viewed it.

    To me, the hassle of replacing the switches was the biggest obstacle and technically by my leaving them there all the new owner has to to is buy the hubs and connect them. As the last poster mentioned, this is the most painful part of the setup.
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    Oct 28, 2017
    My Realtor told me if the home was marketed as a smart home or smart home compatible, that I would have to leave all the equipment, i.e. the hubs from Lutron & Phillips Hue, all the bulbs, all the smart switches, etc - once it was advertised and listed as a smart home. Apparently they had 3 criteria and since I didn't have a home alarm system that meant i could only market it as smart home "compatible"!

    I appreciate what you said above as I think I will be taking both my Hue & Lutron bridges, leave the switches and probably leave all my A19 and BR30 Hue bulbs. It will be fun setting up the new home exactly the way I want it especially in my home theater downstairs.

    Appreciate all the feedback!

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