Press Release for BisCal: An Advanced Business Calculator

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    GREENVILLE, South Carolina—March 5, 2009—Sentry Apps today launched [app]BisCal[/app], a full-featured business calculator. Selling worldwide and retailing at $4.99 in the US, BisCal delivers more than what many iPhone users may already have in a standard business calculator or an iPhone app equivalent. BisCal delivers advanced functionality from a cleaner interface with more accuracy and ease.

    BisCal has the features of your standard business calculator and goes one step beyond. For instance, users input data in full expressions. Generally, only advanced calculators allow the user to view the entire expression before calculating it; however, our calculator allows the user to see "5+5+7x2" clearly before calculating it. A simple function like this allows for errors to be caught. Adding on legacy support and even emulation for standard input and RPN would not be difficult additions to BisCal, which would expand the user base to those who have preference to the old approach. But many business calculators, such as FIN-12C by Thomas Fors LLC and 10BII Calc by Ernest Brock, simply do not support this advanced kind of input system as they are only emulations of an existing calculators, instead of a fresh approach based on the iPhone capabilities.

    In contrast to many competing apps, BisCal's interface is clean. No button was put onto the interface that was not needed so as to maximize the button size; however, many buttons remained on there so as to maximize ease of access. The design process included thinking about long term use; so colors were not used to spice up the calculator either because busy professionals will need to view this interface regularly without becoming distracted. This design philosophy is a distinct advantage over HiCalc, the current iPhone market leader made Chillingo Ltd, because its design uses many colors and sometimes.

    BisCal allows users to work fast and accurately. The best innovation of BisCal is the use of worksheets. Similar to an excel spreadsheet, BisCal's worksheets calculate out formulas. If a user wants to calculate a break-even point, bond, and even amortization, there is a worksheet for each of those quickly and easily. However, BisCal expands the idea worksheets beyond a formula. If a user forgets under which value his stored a recently used number, that user simply needs to access the memory sheet to view the stored values. In the memory sheet, he or she can even alter them. Best of all, BisCal employs an incredible number library capable of calculations more accurate than a TI-89 platinum. These abilities were partially realized with HiCalc; however, quick access to and flexibility of its worksheets is lacking.

    Sentry Apps is committed to long-term user, and we will constantly be assessing how well BisCal meets its goals. So feedback is encouraged. Please go to the BisCal forum ( for more information or to submit bugs an feature requests.

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