PRETTY SPECIFIC Network/internet/Media Server HELP PLS MC723LL/A

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ThomasRocks, May 1, 2012.

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    Jul 7, 2011
    PLEASE DON'T POST ABOUT HOW THERE ARE ALREADY THREADS ABOUT THIS!!! that's why I am here, I have scoured up to 10-12 pages deep on every keyword I can think of on google, all I find is unrelated and most often severely dated blogs. I apologize in advance for any potential redundancies as I am very upset right now.

    MacBook Pro MC723LL/A
    Clear 4g MODEM
    sometimes, Netgear WGR614 v8

    Wired or wireless I cannot achieve a stable internet connection to my MBP.

    It almost seems that while browsing, firefox it will disconnect momentarily, royally screwing with most pages and causing firefox to spin and say connecting on the tab indefinitely. If I go highlight the URL and hit return once (sometimes twice or three times) the page will suddenly respond. Its as if firefox is missing the "connection window" to access the site for just a split second, then it isn't able to load anything at all until re-submitted. It is really bad when clicking a link (versus manually entering an address) Safari and many of my add-ons that require internet in XBMC are just as bad.

    SpeedTest has yet to show me speeds under 1.25 Mbps Dl whenever tested, usually averaging 3.5 Mbps or higher.

    Transmission is also being negatively effected as a result, I can almost fully saturate my connection, (~500kBps) but only for a moment before it drops to ~68kBps (or similar), its really all over the place.

    All in all, My connection when ran through my MBP is garbage. Wired or Wireless, doesn't matter. It takes three attempts to load the speedtest page, but when it loads my connections comes in at 3-5 Mbps (more than suffcient browsing speed)

    My instinct tells me its the MBP but that is only because I "upgraded" to the $2199 15in early 2011 from a base $1199 13in 2011 and this POS has had more issues than my 13in EVER did (13in never had one issue, 15in already has a new Logic board, my processor loves to show only 50% and get the fans spinning like crazy when NOTHING is running it activity monitor and my fan is F'd up, god knows why. it's running off-balance and will start clicking after some use, which they didn't replace when they fixed my logic board even though I have a video of it at its loudest that I showed the "genius" and you can hear it off balance at its quietest) and I know that connection issues are all over 10.6.8 and Up

    If it is the MBP what are some things I should try and/or links to sites/blogs that might help.

    Is it OSX? I have recently installed XBMC, LOGIC9, PT9 and my plug-in collection. Are there any prefs or anything i should try to reset.

    I really don't think its FireFox but I suppose as it is set as my Default brower it could effect how XBMC loads a page/video stream but like I said, safari is no faster.

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    Your router is an antique. Get a dual band gigabit like the Apple AirPort Extreme. If it doesn't do the trick you can always return it in 14 days.
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    Jul 7, 2011
    I am plugged directly into the modem with the same results which is why I am posting, sorry if I didn't clarify. Also, speed test just came back at 3.7 Mbps and I am still having issues.
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    Jul 7, 2011
    I must say, I am two reviews in and I think I just didn't want to believe it, since I pay 50 dollars a month and it is so convenient since I have been moving a lot...

    Just another piece I left out, I do have the Clear 4g Home Modem (Motorola M series) not a mobile but, after those reviews I have to assume its the Service (ping test just came back 203ms PING!!! normally its still really high around 65-70)

    Looks like I will be buying the whatever 4G verizon phone that can be used as a hot spot (I am grandfathered into unlimited data and they have been testing near 50 mbps!)

    Thank you very much, sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see what's right in front of you. I will post back when I try another connection if things don't change.
  5. ThomasRocks, May 3, 2012
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    Jul 7, 2011
    Update!!! not sure if it will tell you anything...

    I plugged the modem direct in to my windows PC...

    NO LAG ON OPENING PAGES!!! linked or direct connected (as i said firefox/safari on the mac has more trouble with links than anything, usually after clicking a link going to the url bar and highlighting the URL and hitting return will load the page much faster) and my connection on speed test came in lower then it has on the MBP all day throughout my tests. I was getting about 4Mbps down on the MBP but experiencing the nasty lag, about an hour ago I had my PC out for another purpose and figured I'd test the connection. Pages actually loading without hanging or having to "try again" as firefox likes to say. "Wow" I thought, "maybe the connections better do to the time of night" ran speed test, can in a mere 2Mbps down but pages and such loaded MUCH faster.


    This High end (insides, only regular display) 15" MBP was supposed to be some amazing quad core, 1gb dedicated graphics, 8gb Ram thunderbolt havin laptop that was gonna far exceed my Base model 13" from the same early 2011 run... Nope. POS! I'm so sick of apple right now it hurts.

    Edit: It took a full 10 second count for this post to submit, speedtest again say 3.5Mbps down.... makes no sense

    UPDATE 2! I was reading around and I removed some startup items (hippoconnect an iPhone remote utility that I deleted and Plexhelper (I use XBMC now instead) then I did an SMC reset (my fans been a little wonky any way)... Upon reboot, firefox is seeming much more responsive, any ideas what may be going on?

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