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Average Pro

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Jul 16, 2013
I was checking my watch (6 series) and found music on it. Approximately 2 years ago, I had to go to the Apple Store where the Techs (several) figured out how to stop music, mail and other apps from synching onto my watch. It was a lot of fun watching the Techs struggle, but finally figuring it out. Unfortunately, it's happening again. I spoke to a senior advisor and they said if I removed the music/mail from my watch, it would also be removed from all of my other Apple products. This was not the case ~2 years ago.

So...does anyone know the steps to remove music and mail from the watch without removing it from all of my other Apple products?

NOTE: I only use Apple products. No 3rd party music or mail Apps.

Thank you.

Night Spring

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Jul 17, 2008
For Mail, try going into the mail settings for the watch and switch everything off. I don't know whether that will delete mail already on the watch, but I'd think it should prevent new mail from coming in.

Music, go into music settings for the watch and turn "automatically add recent music" off, and also make sure no playlists or albums are set to sync.

I'm doing this from the watch app on my iPhone, but I'd think these settings should also be in the settings app on the watch.
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