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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
Can Preview convert .ico (Windows icon) files to .icns (Apple format) ?

I have a few Windows games i'm porting over to Mac (with the use of WINE/Wineskin front-end) and while they work 100%, I cannot get the icon correct..

I know the resolution would be 512x512 pixels, and also they look distorted, i've seen that's normal on Mac, however when i go to export and/or save i cannot. I get an error. Is this because I'm "editing" an exiting image, and not creating a new one ? a.k.a copy and paste image.


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Sep 23, 2008
Preview has a hidden export option for ICNS. You have to press the option key when clicking on the button to choose the format in the export menu.

I personally recommend using Image2Icon to quickly convert ICO to ICNS and apply it to a file/folder. You just have to drag the ICO file onto it, then the app bundle. I’ve been using it for the exact same purpose. :)
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