Preview Hangs on OX X 10.5.8

Discussion in 'macOS' started by TMK044, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. TMK044 macrumors newbie

    Sep 2, 2010

    I have OS 10.5.8 on my Intel iMac. The problem started out every time I attempted to open a particular picture (JPEG file) in Preview, the application hangs. The file would open, display, and then I'd get the rainbow cursor. The same thing happened when I tried to open up a 2-page PDF file. The first page displayed, but the application hung for about 1-2 minutes before I could display the second page.

    Some things that might be relevant:

    • I used the Disk Utility to Verify the disk. No problems were found.
    • I also used the Disk Utility to Verify Permissions. It found some issues, and I chose to Repair Disk Permissions. Upon completion, I rebooted and the problem persists.
    • Force Quitting the application takes a few seconds for the window to disappear and takes nearly 30 sec. for the Preview entry to disappear from the list in the Force Quit window.
    • I don't get the problem if I open up a Browser window, print the page, and choose the PDF | Open PDF in Preview option.

    To further troubleshoot, I tested opening some other picture files. They opened successfully, and I could navigate through them. As a further test, I opened up the original picture file that caused the problem in Photoshop and saved it under a new name. When I opened the new file in Preview, it did not cause any hangup leading me to conclude that perhaps the original file was corrupt. Neither did the 2-page PDF.

    As a final test, I opened up the original file that caused the problem in the first place. Surprisingly, this time Preview did not hang.

    While the problem appears to be resolved, I'm a bit concerned because this has never happened before. Also the machine had not been in use for almost two weeks. This is my main production machine. Do I need to be concerned? I appreciate any feedback.

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    Sure sounds like it is related to that particular file. Keep the new one and Trash the old one.

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