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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by vandlism, Sep 22, 2008.

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    I noticed a little issue with a digital booklet I bought as part of an album from the iTunes Music Store. I opened the booklet (a PDF) in Preview and noticed I couldn't read any of the lyrics. I emailed Apple and iTunes and they suggested I update my PDF software and that should fix the issue. I thought this was a strange thing to say, considering I am using Mac OS X's built in PDF viewer, but I fired up Acrobat anyway, just to see if this might be the case. To my surprise, Acrobat views the PDF just fine and I can zoom in and out to read the text at any level. In Preview, the text is illegible at any zoom level. I am running Leopard with all the latest updates. Are there some sort of scaling preferences to be set? I have never seen this issue before.
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    PDF is a resolution-independent vector graphics format. If Adobe Reader show's your booklet at a legible resolution, then so too should Preview. You need to give more information about the PDF's creator application, PDF generator, and fonts if there is to be any hope of diagnosing your problem.
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    "… they suggested I update my PDF software and that should fix the issue". typical reply of a tech support having no idea.

    is "Anti-alias text and line art" disabled under the PDF tab in Preview's preferences? also you can change how PDFs are viewed in Preview in "PDF Display" under the View menu.
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    my "Anti-alias text and line art" is checked and enabled. as far as PDF Display goes, I have Crop Box chosen. The PDF producer and content creator is Adobe Acrobat 8.

    I've attached screen captures of Preview and Acrobat's behaviors.

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    Does this happen with all PDFs, or just the one? What version of Preview are you using? Have you tried quitting Preview and restarting it?

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