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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Acorn, May 17, 2017.

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    As a designer, what is described in this patent kind of sounds like what I've been waiting for. It looks like you can control all sorts of things, from zoom levels to hover mode to pinching the pen to grab things on the display to re-position them. This sounds insanely great! I hope that this sort of tech will be found in the Apple Pencil 2 and be released sometime this year as opposed to many years down the road. I'm hoping for integration of the iPad Pro with the Mac and this would make for a really neat graphics tablet in addition to standalone all-in-one design tool.
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    Oct 1, 2016
    Probably not gonna see most of this on the actual device when it's released. That what we see with Apple patents quite often -- they put everything they might include eventually in their patent applications just to cover their bases. So don't get too excited :p
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    I just wish I it could be flipped over and used as an eraser.. seems pretty basic to me.
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    Wouldn't mind a design with some edges so the pencil wouldn't be able to roll off of the table also
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    Why use the thick end of the pencil for an eraser when every single app for drawing has an eraser option. The pointed tip of the Apple Pencil is much better for fine erasing than the cap end. Makes no sense. For fine drawing something's affects are created with the eraser option in say...Pro Create. I just don't get why you would want to flip it over...nostalgia? It's not a real pencil, it's a drawing tool where accuracy is imperative.
    Edit: regarding this patent. I think it would be a welcome improvement. I can imagine zooming on a painting by sliding your finger up the pencil. Lots of nice things in that patent for sure!
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    Personally one thing I'd like in the second generation Pencil would be for them to make it easier to switch the pencil between devices, like how the Airpods and Beats X work with multiple devices. Not having to un-pair the pencil from one iPad before switching to the other would be awesome.
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    Some apps use scratch-trough to erase. Faster and easier. So easy that I start to scratch and expect ballpoints to do the same. Disappointing experience, paper
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    I'd like the ability to both flip it over (for wide, broad erasing) AND to use the option to click a menu option that switches the fine point to erasure when you need tiny details erased. When I have to erase several square inches for some reason or another, it's a pain to try and "white out" all that with a narrow point. Just saying.
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