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"Preview" opening dialogue screen ??


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Sep 6, 2007
Hey folks...

Since updating to 10.8 upon opening the Preview application, I now get a opening screen that offers me "icloud" or "on this mac"... and its really annoying!

I use preview alot for screen grabs from Final Cut - I use the "take screen shot from selection" option, and now I have to first click through this dialogue box twice to get it to close! No biggie- but its annoying if I'm doing several.

Also, in all prior OS versions, if I saved a Preview file once in one particular place, (i.e. "save as" to desktop) it would automatically default to that location again for subsequent files, until you quit the app; 10.8 automatically defaults to save the file to "iCloud"- which again forces me to add several steps to get the file to save to the desktop.

In short- a simple screen grab that I want to save as a jpg, now forces me to add like 6 steps to the process and its starting to drive me nuts!

Anyone else notice this? I looked in the "Preferences" in the Preview app, but dont see anything. Most times in other instances with an opening option screen you get a "don't show me this screen again" window to click.... not here.

Help! Its driving me nuts!!


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Jul 13, 2008
Geez, you don't appreciate how Mountain Lion made your Mac easier to use :rolleyes: ?

You could turn off the "Documents" checkbox in the iCloud pref pane in System Preferences; that might stop it. But make sure you don't have copies up there you'd lose.

Or try a different screen grabber.


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Jun 24, 2010
Even though I don't find it as annoying as I thought I still think "Open iCloud" and "Save to iCloud" on the file menu would be better than this dialog box.


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Sep 13, 2009
If find this annoying enough that I have switched from Preview to PDF Nomad as the default pdf viewer and to Graphic Converter to view jpg's. I would gladly switch back to preview if the dialogue box stopped opening whenever the program was launched.
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