Preview refuses to open PDF's on macOS 10.12.3 update

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by FocusAndEarnIt, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. FocusAndEarnIt, Jan 27, 2017
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    Need some help. Updated to 10.12.3 this morning, and can't open PDF's in preview, which is a big issue for me as I handle a lot of PDF's. They want to all open in Photoshop CC. I uninstalled Photoshop CC, now they open in Safari. ??? I go to open manually in Preview, and it just doesn't do anything with the command, like I didn't even ask it to. Doesn't hang or anything, just doesn't open it and gives no error. I tried deleting and that didn't work. I created a new user account to see if I could open them in there, and Preview will open PDF's there! I would really like to not have to migrate to a new user account if it can be avoided.

    BTW - I can open jpeg's in Preview without issue.
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    Do a Get Info on a PDF. Change to Open with Preview. Then select Change All.
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    I've done that, and I've also tried manually opening the files and it doesn't do it. Thanks though.
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    Try this
    Try this:

    Open your user/Library folder by holding down the Option key and selecting "Library" from the Go menu in Finder.

    Open the Containers folder and delete the folder.
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    I tried that too, no luck. Thank you for responding!

    Fixed It!! I downloaded Onyx, and went to Maintenance -> Rebuilding tab, executed the task and everything went back to normal. :)

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