Previous Gen AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jedolley, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. jedolley, Jun 19, 2013
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    I am currently using LTE connection card with a Cradlepoint router, but am going to have to dump that solution (speeds/bandwith are great, but going to become capped soon). Unfortunately, where I live my only real option is cable (Time Warner). I plan on purchasing my own modem to avoid modem fees, but am not getting one with built in WiFi. I know I could continue to use the Cradlepoint as my router, but was considering looking into either the AirPort Express or a Refurb/Used AirPort Extreme (previous Gen) which should be around the same price.

    I was wanting to know what are the main differences between the AirPort Extreme (previous Gen) vs. the AirPort Express?

    I am not opting for the new AirPort Extreme due to price, and that I don't for see me upgrading any of my main Macs (2012 iMac and Wife's 2011 MBA) anytime soon.
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    What new Airport Express? The current generation Airport Express was released in June 2012.

    It is an 802.11n device. But it's not particularly speedy. And it doesn't have multiple antennas like the Airport Extreme. If you are going to use this device as your primary wireless access point and router around your home, you will probably be better off with an Airport Extreme.
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    Thanks, was not aware and was thinking it was still the same plug in the wall design until now.
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    The main difference is Airplay, Express has it Extreme doesn't.

    But the biggest consideration is performance. Extreme has better range, better throughput, four 1Gbps ports (WAN+3 LAN) on the Extreme to the Express's two 100 Mbps ports (WAN+1 LAN).

    If needing a main router for a multi-client home LAN or media network I'd definitely go with Extreme. If you want a cheap wifi point to share internet to a couple systems the Express would be sufficient.
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    Thanks! Extreme it is. Now i'll see if I can find a good price for one... If I can't find a good price on the previous gen Extreme then I might as well get the new one.

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