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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dmacpwns, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Feb 17, 2013
    I am looking to sell my MacBook Pro laptop. It dosent have the retina display, but it is the 15" one with Intel core i7 and a 2.66 GHz Processor speed. Exact model name is MacBook 6.2. Retail it sells for about $2,100 which is what I bought it for when I was attending Full Sail college in Florida. I have music programs Logic Studio and Pro Tools 9 on it and I was wanting to sell it and also keep the programs on there for whoever buys it. My question is, is how do I remove everything off there except those programs, and if so how will that person use the programs cause I believe I had to attach my name to some stuff when installing it. So will I be able to sell the laptop with those programs on it and do you think $1,700 is a fair price or is it to low, the two programs are work $1,000 alone plus the laptop retail at $2,100. Let me know your opinions and what you think and if this will work.

    Thanks Everyone.
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    If I were selling a laptop I would be very thorough about "sanitizing" it of your personal data. I would suggest wiping the entire hard drive using a secure erase option. Disk Utility has such an option, and it will write over the disk three times, making it nearly impossible to recover any of the data that you had on the drive. It takes a long time (the exact time depends on the size of the drive, but expect it to take all night or close to a day) and will need to be done from your recovery partition (if your model of Mac has one) or from another computer.

    Once you have wiped the drive, install OS X. Reinstall any programs that aren't linked specifically to you or your AppleID. The iCloud and App Store integration is great when you're moving between systems, but it has made preparing systems for resale a bit more difficult.

    Check eBay to get a sense of what systems like yours are selling for these days. I'm not familiar with the programs you're talking about; if you can get them onto the system then they should increase the sale value.

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