Price drop on gtx 670 $334.99 till the 30th


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Jul 10, 2012
Price drop on gtx 670 $334.99 w/rebate plus you get borderlands 2 for free. I just caught this today. Ends on the 30th.

This is tempting for me since I was just about to drop $300 for the 570. But I don't game on this workstation, I just use pro apps and the general consensus is that the 570 is better in that department. Is there any chance that the 670 will tackle CUDA stronger than the 570 after future OSX updates? Or will the 570 always be a better option for CS6 than the 670?

Any thoughts?


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Jun 12, 2007
Speaking of price drops, you can now get the MSI TF2 GTX 570 (1280MB) for $199 after the rebate.

I currently have one in my MP 3,1 and it's dead silent. $335 + BL2 is a killer deal though, I just have a feeling I wouldn't see that big of a difference if it's being bottlenecked by a 4-yr-old quad 2.8GHz.


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Feb 29, 2008
Thanks for posting this!

I ordered it and a Female MiniDP to Male DP adapter (for my Apple 27" monitor).

Hopefully this will ease my woes of framerate in WoW/Guild Wars 2, etc on my Mac Pro 2010 with ATI 5870.
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