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    Our team has published a new application - Price Helper for iPhone, which helps to identify prices using a phone camera and convert them into a desired currency.

    How it works:
    1. Photograph an image using your mobile phone.
    2. Identify the price.
    3. Convert the price into a desired currency.






    Trips abroad will become easier. If you are going on vacation or a business trip to another country, Price Helper will help you to quickly convert the prices from price tags using the most current exchange rates.

    Exchange rates are updated in real time from the website finance yahoo, so you will always get the actual exchange anywhere in the world.

    You don’t need to identify the price from the price tag? Then simply use Price Helper as a currency converter.

    Additionally, Price Helper offers you the following features:
    ● It works in offline mode as well. The app works without an Internet connection. In that case, the latest exchange rate is saved, and when you connect to the Internet – it gets updated. Very convenient when in roaming.
    ● Automatically updated exchange rates from finance yahoo.
    ● Automatic detection of local currency by your location
    ● History of previous conversions. You can always see the history of your conversions.
    ● Ability to create your own currencies.
    ● A shooting mode of a specific area of the screen. You can select a specific area of the image and identify the price.
    ● More than 140 currencies of the world.
    ● Intuitive and easy to use interface. Easy working with camera.
    ● Free technical support from the developers.

    Sometimes the numbers are recognized incorrectly. In that case, you can make changes in the text box. Also, the application is not as good at recognizing handwritten numerals.


    For all questions please e-mail us at:

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    The application has been updated to v 1.0.5

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