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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jimthing, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    Looking at this:
    "Western Digital 6TB My Book Studio Edition II"

    Apple sell (though 2-3 MONTHS! to get stock) for £430, but have found elsewhere online with stock inc. shipping at best price of £350.

    So £350/6000 GB = £0.05833 / GB. (which is around US$0.09 / GB.)

    My questions are:
    Is that good or only average these days for an external HDD unit per GB storage?
    ...anyone know of any competition for this amount of storage per GB?

    (Strangely, AFAICT, there really seems to be nothing else on the market it seems. Weird?!)
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    Hard drive prices skyrocketed late last year due to Taiwan flooding. There are worldwide shortages and the prices seem to fluctuate regularly now. That said, that drive is just a 2-drive RAID setup. You might be able to build your own for about the same price if not cheaper.

    Example: 2x3TB Western Digital Green Drives (here) = £153.68x2 = £307.36
    Other World Computing 4-drive RAID (here)= $279.00 = £180

    So for 480 (not including shipping for the OWC enclosure) you can get a 4-bay RAID unit and 6TB of storage. Add a couple more hundred, and you can get two more drives (cheaper for smaller ones). Or just keep them empty and available for later expansion.
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    Apr 6, 2011
    London, UK (Europe, Earth, Space)
    Yeah, so I noticed that with Thailand floods too (mistype Taiwan, but I caught your drift :) ).

    The Promise Pegasus R6 12TB went up by 36% overnight (£1400 to £1900)!
    I mentioned that recently here:

    But the point I wanted views on really, is the lack of similar alternatives to the WD unit above. Firstly there seems to be no competition on the market for a 6TB unit, that comes anywhere close to this price.

    eg. LaCie want DOUBLE that at least, for 6TB's of RAID storage. How come WD are offering this for such a respectable price when none of the other companies can?

    Also, Apple's online store has virtually nothing to compete, nothing in stock at all, which seems bizarre when people are crying out for storage like crazy all the time. Their other non-WD offering's are priced at around £400 for just 4TB. :confused:

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