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Discussion in 'iMac' started by garycurtis, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I consulted the Magic 8-Ball and the answer came up as "Cannot predict now".

    Seriously ram prices are hard to project, if you need ram get it.
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    Dec 21, 2010
    I got 16 GB of ram from Crucial back in January 2013 for my iMac. It cost me £63.59.

    The same ram now costs £125.99 :eek: that is some price increase.
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    I saw 16GB of ram for $90 at one point... that was the low. Now I see the same RAM for $150...

    I'll just wait it out, I can wait I don't NEED but it would be nice to have since I work with multiple adobe applications at the same time but don't need them open together.
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    1 year ago i bought 16gb for 100 bucks. I read on gizmodo some time ago about a fire on a chinese company which makes RAM modules, and that's why the prices are so high now.
  6. garycurtis, Jan 19, 2014
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    Another take on Using ext SD w/Thunderbolt

    A week ago I posted asking for opinions about using a Thunderbolt wired ext SSD to compensate for my lapse in not getting Fusion Drive in my brand new iMac 27"
    And thanks to the wisdom of some folks here (or, should I call it 'extremism), I learned about a novel bit of hardware -- the Blade SSD.

    They aren't cheap, though OSC told me they will soon sell one. Current ones suitable for use in iMacs, are ones pulled from MacBook Pros. 2nd hand, but in many cases, unused. They are pricey.

    I was foraging around today and read articles in Mac World and saw a YouTube video of a guy who clocked the I/O speeds of Thunderbolt. Rated agains USB 3 and other cables.

    It seems that any wired connection lags compared to the internal bus. USB 3 is as fast as Thunderbolt for reads, but is slower for writes. I might have that backwards about reads/writes. But my impression is that something external wouldn't equal the internal FD for booting.

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