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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by skunk2r111, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Feb 18, 2009
    im trying to make this as short and descriptive as possible

    so it all started awhile when i broke my screen...i waited long enough that thankfully my video card failed before i installed the new screen by myself due to how much getting a screen replaced costs and me being a college student and all. so apple replaced my whole motherboard and i was happy that i had taken so long to replace the screen or it would have voided any warranty.

    so i get the computer back, install my new screen and its not the best quality but it works and thats just about what i paid for. at first i noticed the screen brightness buttons didnt work. everything else did so i disregarded it. a couple hours later i changed the resolution and the whole screen went all snowy but the external display worked. then a few days later i realized that my hard drive was full so i deleted some stuff and 5 min later it said it was full again, i eventually deleted over 30gb of stuff and again, 10 min later it was saying it was full (the hard drive info says 111gb/111gb). at first i didnt think it would have been anything with the hard drive or motherboard again cause the computer was working fine (apart from those 2 big things). so i called powerbookmedic and was going to have them replace my screen with a new one and have them install it instead (the one they sent me was one of the backwards ones that has the 8th inch of casing showing) thinking maybe it would work and i could then run the restore disks and it would be all fine and dandy.

    so today i took it apart again today to check all the wires, make sure everything is in correctly and securely, clean it out a little (blew all the dust out) and put it all back together. the computer now will not turn on, the magsafe light struggles to come on if it does and it flickers, and i feel like a complete jack***.

    throughout each time i opened up the computer i was fairly safe about touching the motherboard and other parts, i even had a static electricity strap that came with a set of tools i got to fix it.

    so no need to restate how stupid of an idea that was as much as i know you all want to, but with all these problems could someone give me some direction as to what might need replaced or how i might go about getting my now $2000 pos working again? or at least so i know where to start.

    all i can say from this experience is DO NOT try to install things unless you know exactly what you are doing, especially if you have been having a recent string of bad luck!
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    I'd venture a guess that the snowy screen was because of a bad connection on the ribbon cable that goes up from the motherboard, through the hinge, to the screen. First guess for the rest is likewise that something got knocked loose on the dis-assembly, although static is certainly a possibility.

    But, as you say, you might want to cut your losses and have powerbookmedic do it. :eek:

    Sorry for all your troubles! Sounds rough! :(

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