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May 16, 2015
I really don’t want to complain the headphone jack removal but I can justify the removal on this phone in particular, not other phones tho.


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May 7, 2006
Does anyone else sit back - especially ol' school tech sector folks like myself - just awed at the technology present in a device the size of an iPhone (or any/all smartphones for that matter).
Yes. Its extremely inspiring and... Awesome.

That blows my mind often.

Still waiting for my portal gun, though.


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Jan 6, 2004
Cornwall, UK
"click" makes no sense on mobile



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Sep 5, 2017
I am genuinely curious if a thicker bigger battery version would sell better. Like an iPhone X Max, or whatever. I always buy a battery case for every single iPhone since the 4. It's necessary for me at this point.

What do you think?

Would it sell? Absolutely. Would Apple allow itself to produce a thicker device after years of wanting to appear as slim as physically possible? Unfortunately not.

I'm not a heavy phone user myself so I don't face the same woes as most phone users, but from everything I've read, improved battery life may resonate with buyers above all advancements.
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Sep 27, 2012
Nantucket!! Can you not read?!?
Even with impressive feats of engineering, getting the board down only gets you so much space saving. The reality is that we need to find a new battery tech that can replace Lithium Ion and allow for less dense batteries with more power. Until that happens, it'll always be a space issue in any battery operated device, from a phone to a car.
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Jun 9, 2017
Well Tim Cook is really gonna lie awake from the fact that a complete nobody with zero knowledge of product design thinks it's a compromised phone (only so he can vindicate his decision not to buy one).

More likely he's getting great sleep from the fact that complete nobody's with zerp knowledge of product design thinks its a great phone!
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