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  1. Lynn42 macrumors newbie

    May 10, 2010
    how can I view all of my login passwords at the same time and hopefully print a list of them. It seems I can only view one at a time, by entering my master password each time to view the various login passwords.
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    I also have the same interest and have googled "printing out keychain passwords" which is how I found your request.

    I saw this on the Apple Forums - use AppleScript

    here is the script that was provided. It worked for me but it only gathered a small portion of the accounts/passwords that I had established, I think the reason that happened is that I probably don't have the names for each of my password items set up the way this gathers the information, i.e. if the keychain item has the name, I think the below script will work but if you called it Macrumors, it will not. I am still doing some testing of this but if you cut and paste the script below into Applescript and press run, it does compile a list in a file on your desktop with the above limitation note above. I am going to change some of my names and see if that works. The other thing I found is that I put the resulting list into an MS Word file and then tried to do a search and replace for some of the junk text that gets inserted in this resulting list and Word doesn't find anything that I ask it to search and replace. It is being blocked somehow.

    good luck - if you use this post your results.



    Re: Exporting Keychain info
    Posted: Nov 16, 2005 12:29 AM * in response to: Andbrowny
    This Applescript will do it. It puts the results into a plain text file named "Passwords" onto the desktop. You'll have to manually strip some extraneous characters to end up with a readable listing. The first time through you'll have to click the Allow Always and/or Allow Once button for each username/password combo, but it works well. Copy it into Script Editor and give it a shot.

    set osXKeychainScriptingPath to ¬
    (path to scripting additions from system domain as Unicode text) ¬
    & "Keychain" -- one line

    set theSecuridPIN to {}

    tell application "Keychain Scripting" to launch
    tell application "Keychain Access" to launch

    using terms from application "Keychain Scripting"
    tell application osXKeychainScriptingPath
    set KeyList to every Internet key of current keychain
    repeat with aKey in KeyList
    set theSecuridPIN to theSecuridPIN & (name of aKey) & ¬
    (account of aKey) & (password of aKey) & return--one line
    end repeat
    end tell
    end using terms from

    tell application "Keychain Scripting" to quit
    tell application "Keychain Access" to quit

    tell application "Finder"
    open for access file (((path to desktop folder) as text) & "Passwords") with write permission
    set theFile to result
    write theSecuridPIN to theFile
    close access theFile
    end tell


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