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Discussion in 'macOS' started by cookieme, Mar 8, 2008.

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    I am having a problem trying to setup my computer, so that instead of having to logon to one of the university's PCs to print, I want to do it straight from my mac when I am connected to the univeristy network.

    I login on my mac using my own username and password (i.e. personal) and then I connect wirelessly to the university network using 802.1X WiFi. Obviously, my username and password are the ones given by the university. Ok, I can pretty much access my storage space and do anything else online.

    Now, I have downloaded the HP Leopard Drivers and setup the HP printer on my computer as indicated by the IT dep. I connect to the HP ColorLaserjet 9500 MFP using LPD. The printer is added and it finds it. Nonetheless, when I try to print anything, the printer queue shows up and then says it has printed. When I go the printer and swipe my ID card, the document is not there.

    I think the problem has to do with the printer server not knowing who the document belongs to. I have tried searching for a place to enter my username and password, but cannot find such as place. I guess the problem would be solved if I created another user account on my mac with the same login details as those on the uni network, but there must be another way.

    Any ideas?

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    Nov 3, 2005
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    Aug 22, 2005
    Btw I didn't download the HP driver they suggested because it's old, so I download the Leopard one here.

    Hope it helps!
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    There is a reason that your university's Mac instructions are so much simpler than its Windows instructions. You are probably making this too complicated. Recent HP printers support Bonjour. If you have the Leopard driver installed, then select the Printers: popup menu in the File>Print dialog box. Scroll down to Bonjour printers and see if your printer is one of the choices. If it is, then use it.
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    MisterMe thanks for you reply, but not helpful at all. I am well aware that it is easier to setup on a mac, but you have failed to see that the problem is not related to setting up the printer. The problem has to do with printing using my university credentials, i.e. username and password. As it says in the instructions,

    I would have to have a user account on my mac which uses my college's username and password. It is inconvenient to have to create a new user for the sole purpose of printing, so I was asking if there was another way of doing it.

    I mean it is analogous to having to create a new user account for the sole purpose of accessing the wireless network at my university. I simply create a new network in my network settings using my colleges login/pass. Hence, it must be possible to do the same for printing!
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    Try this:

    From the add printer window
    Hold the control key and click next to the spotlight, click customize toolbar, add the "Advanced" button. Hit Done, click on the advanced button.

    Under type, choose Windows.

    Device: Another Device

    for the url:

    smb://username: password@domain/printersharename (no space between : and p) it made a silly face

    for name: and location: that can be anything you want.

    and then choose the printer model.
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    If your school uses Novell try going to this address:


    in a web browser.
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    Wireless printing Bonjour with SL

    I am feeling very dense and going round in circles! Installed SL. Can get HP photosmart C6280 all in one printer to work with USB, but cannot get it to work wirelessly. It is connected to BT hub. Bonjour printers do not seem to be displayed anywhere. Everything worked OK with OS 10.5
    Can anyone shine a light in my darkness? I am possibly doing something very silly, or not doing something obvious. (Have not seen instruction "nearby printers" in any printer window.
    In hope

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