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May 11, 2007
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Currently I use a Dell laser printer at home, but it's time to replace the ink cartridge so I feel I should consider other options.

I have been using laser printers because I appreciate the durability and ability to print a large number of pages etc with out replacing the ink constantly (most for MBA classes etc, and work).

My question is are there other printers that work and print like a laser printer or do other find ink jet adequate?

What are your suggestions for a home printer (now done with classes so I won't need to print as much)?

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Sep 15, 2004
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Printing is all about content.

If you want images and photos then you need an inkjet. If you want text then a laser.

I have both. Since my printing needs are both.

Another thing to consider is the total cost of printing. Some printers are good value out of the box but when you factor in printing costs they are hugely expensive.

I like HP inkjet printers as their total costs to output quality has been consistent. I like Xerox for laser printers for the same reason. Both play quite nicely with 10.6.


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Aug 3, 2008
I have an old Epson inkjet printer and the ink prices were killing me 6 separate cartridges at $20 a piece. They only lasted me a month at most with not that much printing. I went on ebay and looked at a CISS (continuous ink supply system) for $50 and haven't added any ink for a year and officially the best thing i have ever bought.
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