Printer not working after Leopard


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Dec 10, 2005
Isle of Man
I have a Lexmark P4350 printer and it was working fine with Tiger. With Tiger the drivers for the printer were off the CD that came with it. However, now I have upgraded to Leopard, those drivers have in a way vanished, and Leopard has bundled its own drivers for the printer. But now it wont print and this is the message I get:

What can I do?



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Nov 15, 2007

Yes you're right, that the Leopard CD already have the prebundled drivers for the selected Lexmark printer. And one if is P4350. However, I believe that there's someting wrong during you upgrade your OS from Tiger to Leopard. When you update your OS, try to click the customize button found in the installer window of Leopard. Instead of Upgrade and Install for your installation process, choose Erase and install.

What's the current problem is that the OS did not deleted all the files that's why the driver files from Tiger OS was carried out in Leopard OS.

Hope this will help.
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