Printer not working in Airport/Time Capsule?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by tempurature, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Sep 20, 2012
    My Canon MX340 is currently connected via USB to my AirPort Time Capsule. It was not working at first, but I reinstalled the drivers on each computer (There are five total, 4 of them Macs, 1 of them a PC) and it seemed to work, even on the PC. It was working for a couple days and now it is back to not working.

    When I try to connect on one of the Macs via AirPort, the printer does not show up at all (yes, it is plugged into the AirPort device). I read that you have to manually connect the printer to the computer via USB, but that is not an option as I cannot drag the printer to five different computer stations.

    I reset the printer options in preferences (Mac) and when I go to add the printer again, it still does not show up. I tried turning the printer on and off, unplugging it, etc.

    Someone PLEASE tell me how to wirelessly connect all computers (including the PC) to the printer, via AirPort/Bonjour, and have it STAY connected.
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    What you're trying to do should work, but I don't know why it's not.

    I have a (1st-gen) Time Capsule and it shares the Canon iP4900 printer to two Macs and a PC. When I go into Airport (I assume that's what you meant) my printer shows up there under "Printers". If your doesn't show up, that certainly seems to indicate a problem. To me, that makes the problem seem more between the printer and the TC, and not about the client computers, but that's just a guess.

    You've probably already tried powering on the TC and printer in different orders. I suspect power on the printer first, and then the TC, will give you the best chance of a good result, if you haven't tried that yet.


    If I'm wrong about it being a problem between the printer and the Time Capsule, and you think it might be a problem from the Mac, you could look in the printer log files for clues. I don't know really how to read them but you might see something...

    Open, make sure the log list is showing in the left pane (View-->Show Log List).

    Open /private/var/log
    Open cups
    click on access_log or error_log or page_log.

    You might need to do this from an Administrator user.

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