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May 25, 2004
I have an HP photosmart 7960. I use it all the time for printing normal stuff out, but lately i've been printing pictures (4x6) when i print out pictures on the sides of the pictures it looks grainy/pixelated. its about an half an inch or so on the picture. the middle looks ok. I don't remember my printer ever printing pictures out like this before. When i bring pictures on normal paper from the web or something it looks ok, but when i print pictures from my camera they look grainy. I looked more closely at my pictures and they all look normal.

I cleaned the printer head and calibrated it, the ink levels are fine, is their anything else i can do or anyone have an suggestions on why this is happening? I think i might need to start looking at new printers. Any suggestions? I was thinking of getting one of those all in ones, but how are those? I was also thinking, since i got an 8 mega pixel camera (nikon coolpix 8800) i was thinking of maybe getting a large format one, but i don't think i will really use it more then 5 times.

Also anyone have a clue on how to print a 4x6 in iphoto, i've been printing direct from the printer using the built in memory card

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Nov 7, 2003
my brother has that printer and there was a driver bug when printing in 4800 dpi that made the pictures grainy. however, i believe they were refering to the windows drivers. might check out the faq on the hp site.

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