Printer Promotion..

What printer is the best bang for buck with this promo? I'm buying the 2.4ghz macbook from the education store (I'm a student) and I believe it's a $100 rebate whether I buy a $99 printer or a $199 printer. so I went with the:


Canon PIXMA MX300 Office All-in-One...
Canon PIXMA MX300 Office All-in-One Printer

Ships: Within 24hrs
Free Shipping

If people think there's something better, I might have time to change it.
Actually, something worked out nicely for me with this printer promotion. I bought a MacBook last month for my brother using the education discount (we're both students) so we saved $100 off of retail there, and got the free printer. So we picked out any $99 printer and right away, they mailed us out the rebate check. well, I cashed the check before the printer arrived, and they were having problems delivering it so it went back to Apple and they just refunded us the $100 we paid for the printer. So rather than get the MacBook with a $100 printer we didn't want for free, we just saved another $100 off the MacBook, taking to down to $1400+ tax total.

I need to get one more MacBook Air for my wife right now to replace her 15" 2.16ghz MacBook Pro. I'm trying to figure out if there are any printer promotions (or something else) for students running before I order.