Printer Sharing through Ethernet


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Mar 29, 2005
Stats: (2) G4s + (1) G3 Ibook all running OSX 10.3.8
Ethernet Network: Belkin 4 port
Printer: Epson Photo 780 (USB)

Am asking if someone can shepherd me threw the steps of having my 3 macs send documents and print on 1 printer (Epson 780 USB).
Any help is much appreciated.
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Aug 5, 2003
Well, the easiest way would to hook the printer to one of the macs, and in the Systems Preferences -> Sharing, just turn on Printer Sharing. Pic included. Then on all the others, there is Systems Preferences -> Printers->Setup Printers, Add a Printer and Search by Rendezvous or AppleTalk. The printer should show up, and possibly you wont have to load on the drivers from the CD to install it. Your done.

If you want to have it detached from a specific computer, because to be able to print that computer you hook it to will need to stay on, let us know.

EDIT: I forgot to go though the install on the first computer, but its Systems Preferences -> Printers->Setup Printers, Add a Printer. Then choose USB, and you should see you printer and again, might need the CD to install the drivers. Or if you just use the CD to start, it should do all that for you.

And if you don't know what the "Systems Preferences" is, its the white icon on your dock at the bottom of the screen, with a gray light switch and Apple.



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May 31, 2004
Also, in System Preferences, go to Print & Fax, and select "Share my printers with other computers"

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