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Discussion in 'macOS' started by umagrama, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Feb 28, 2008

    I am having problems printing through the network. I got a HP Deskjet D2300 series printer connected to a PC under Win Xp. So far so good. This printer is shared on the network but i have been having problems printing on it.

    To choose the printer I am going to send the job to, I go to print and then I have to choose a printer. The printer I want to send it to is not on the list so I go ahead and go 'add printer' and then to 'more printers' because it's not listed. I go to the network and find the printer there just fine. I select HP and the printer model says 'Generic' because I cannot find my printer model there. What do I do? How can I find my exact model there?

    I went to the HP page to download the Mac OS X (10.4, Tiger) driver for the printer... it was 132 mb for a bloody driver and a bunch of unwanted software, I installed everything and I try to do the procedure I described above and yet cannot find my printer model in the list. There's an option that says "other" to go select a file somewhere for the printer model (the driver???), where would that be? How can I find this file so I can add the model?

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    Jul 17, 2002
    This question has been asked and answered on this forum too many times to count. First, you must understand that you are printing over a network. HP's drivers are exclusively USB. You can't use them unless your printer is connected to a Mac. There are a couple of ways to print to a Windows-connected printer:
    1. Within Windows, share your printer as a LaserWriter or generic PostScript printer. Your Windows computer will be the print server. Each Mac, Unix, and Linux machine will connect to your Windows computer [print server] as though it were a networked PostScript printer [or LaserWriter].
    2. Use the CUPS facility built into MacOS X. Download and install GutenPrint. The download includes invaluable documentation on the configuration and use of CUPS. However, Gutenprint does not specifically support the DeskJet D2300. However, the Linux Foundation's OpenPrinting project does [somewhat]. You can find the required driver here.
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    Jul 4, 2008
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    Same problem... but

    Hey MisterMe, I have a quick, possibly stupid, question but I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to these things. How do I share my printer in XP as a Postscript or laserwriter printer? I seem to be getting everything else done except for that one step.
    Now that I got the correct driver from GutenPrint, when I send a document to the XP computer from my Mac with OS X Tiger, it doesn't give a error and keep the document in queue anymore.
    Instead, now the document comes up and then disappears from the queue but it never prints. :(
    Thanks for your help
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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Hi Uma -

    Dumb question: why not use a print server, and connect the printer
    to that?

    Your problems sound all too familiar - I have 2 iMacs and 2 PC laptops
    on my little network, and an HP LaserJet 1200. I could never get
    any of the computers to be able to reliably print, regardless of which
    machine it was attached to. So I bit the bullet and got an HP JetDirect 175
    print server, plugged the printer into it, and it into my wireless router,
    and now everybody's happy printing all the time.

    Another "upgrade" recently was having to move the router to another
    room, but left the printer in the "home office". So I added a NetGear
    wireless print server, and attached the printer to it (note: NetGear
    manual and tech support is horrible, but I found an online post that
    helped me get it set up). And everybody is still happy. :) And I just
    added a Packet8 VoIP 'phone to the NetGear.

    Based on my experience, I would not recommend attaching a printer to
    any specific computer. Just make it a shared resource on the network
    through the router.

    Hope this helps . . . And I have an extra JetDirect now . . .:)

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