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    Dec 21, 2011
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    I have a problem. I'm using a macbook air whith mac os lion. The printer works fine when it is connected with the usb cable. But when i want to print wireless it says that the printer is offline?!! Please can somebody help me this? Does someone have the same probleme?!
    Samsung told me to change the IP adress in airport, but them i'm losing mine internet connection??
    Solution please?!!!
  2. r0k macrumors 68040


    Mar 3, 2008
    It sounds like the printer isn't set up properly. DON'T change your IP except possibly temporarily to set up the printer.

    Is there a Samsung utility that can find the printer and set it up for you? If not, is there a "network configuration page" you can print from the Samsung to find out what network it thinks it is on? You have several things to try here. First of all, the printer might be using DHCP and could join your wireless network but ONLY if your network has no password. And who in their right mind sets up networks like that these days?

    So the next possibility is you need to connect to the printer and tell it your SSID and password so it can join the same network your Mac is on. This is where some Samsung utility might work. Another possibility is if the printer has an ethernet port, plug it in your router and it will get on the network long enough for you to access the printer with a web browser and tell it all about your wireless. When you're done, most printers will ask you to unplug the ethernet before they reboot.

    If the printer doesn't come with ethernet, chances are very good that it comes with a "setup utility" that you can run on your Mac to get the printer's wireless set up properly.
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    I am making a few assumptions here, but here goes.........

    Add the wireless printer to your MBA as another printer. I am guessing that you first installed the printer when it was connected directly to your MBA. Now you want to print to it wireless, but the OS is expecting you to print to it direct, so it does not know the difference, therefore you need to tell it how.

    I am of course assuming that you have joined the wireless printer to your network......right ??

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