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Discussion in 'iPad' started by nippyjun, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I've preordered my ipad and have been talking it up to my friends and family. Several have asked how it differs from using a laptop or desktop computer. I've been thinking about it and pretty much everything i do on my computers i'll be able to do on my ipad. I may have to do them a little differently but they can be done and i'm looking forward to doing them on an instant-on device, super portable device.

    The only think that is possibly a major difference is printing. I know that you can print photos from the iphone os devices but i haven't seen a way to print emails and documents with good clarity.

    Am i missing an app that allows you to do this well. The ones i've tried basically just print an image of the document not the document itself.

    Any thoughts..
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    we will not know about its full capabilities until it is released. However I already know that I can easily print an email from the iphone by just emailing it to my network enabled brother laser printer.
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    Here is one of the many threads currently on the subject

    If you need more information, you might try searching with MRoogle since this subject has been addressed in several threads

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