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Jun 24, 2003
I am trying to get my printer to work on my powerbook. It is a HP Officejet k60. On the HP site they don't have any drivers for MacOS, but they do have one for Linux. Will the Linux driver work on my Mac? I have tried installing it, and my Linux is a little weak, but when I try to run the make command it tells me I don't have a compiler installed. Now when I had Linux on my PC I rememeber I had to run the setup utility to install all the developer tools. Is this a similar issue? Is there a compiler on the CD that came with my Mac? If not, where can I download one?

Am I going about this in the wrong way? I thought that OSX was supposed to eliminate the need to install drivers and such. Cause my PC can use this printer withouut any drivers at all installed. In fact, HP recommeds that you just let XP do its thing and not install a thing from the CD that came with it cause it was pre-XP drivers. Shouldn't OSX be able to do the same? I mean I can see it in the Print Center, but it says "Driver not installed" right beside it and it won't let me add it.

I'm sorry, this is probly a retarded question, but I have had my Mac for less than a week now. And with school around the corner I kind need this printer working pronto.


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Feb 2, 2003
Madison, Wisconsin
wha? Your post is a touch confusing if you ask me. Just try printing something, see what happens. Because there aren't any drivers, it should just work.

Could you maybe post a screenshot of the print center? I don't think I've ever seen the word "driver" in any Mac OS - ever.


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Oct 5, 2001
San Diego, CA
There are drivers, the OS just does a good job hiding them from you. ;)

Check out the "Print Center" app in your Applications/Utilities folder to add the printer. It should set it up automatically if the printer is connected correctly and turned on.


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Jun 24, 2003

Here is a screen shot. As you can see the Print Center can see my printer, yet it says that I have no drivers insalled. And apparently I nee some drivers because I cannot click add to add the printer. Also, I just downloaded gimp print and it did not seem to work either. I believe that there is some problem with the all in one printers. This is unfortunate, i was planning on using the same printer between my PC and my Mac. I guess I'm going to have to network or move my files to my PC if I ever need to print anything, which is going to be a pain....because I refuse to buy another printer, one should be enough.


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Dec 9, 2001
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I print to an Epson SC 777 with no driver installed all the time. I just clicked that icon with the printer and the ?, and clicked Add. Works fine.
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