Printing multiple photos per page but with a border!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by nicknicknickh, Jun 8, 2014.

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    I need to print anywhere from 4-6 different pictures on one page. I've used preview to do that but it does not leave a border. What I mean by that border is that it fits that picture to the page exactly. I need a white space on both edges as these pictures are going to go into a book and I don't want part of each of the pictures to be lost in the spine making the object in the photo not centered.
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    This may or may not help. If you have Photoshop, Indesign, Pixelmator or any program like them, you could make a collage template allowing for the spine. Then just export the collage as a single page, pdf, png and your spine will already be included.

    Not sure how many pages you have to do. This could be one approach.

    My other approach would require a large format printer, that can print a large sheet (13 x 19) and then be trimmed down allowing for a border.
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    If you are doing just a few pages, you can use Pages.

    Open a Page Layout document (not a Word Processing document). If you need a few pages with same layout you may be able to this with a table. Merge cells to create 'holes' for the photos and then play with the thickness of the lines of the table. It can get a bit fiddly to get the table just right, but you can then reuse it. You can make lines on one edge thicker than the other edges.

    Or, simply click on each photo and choose to frame it in the Inspector. You can play with the thickness of the lines. Unlike a Table, the lines in a frame are the same thickness all around. However, you can create horizontal and/or vertical lines that you lay next to the framed photo to make an edge. Or you can create an empty box with thick lines that edge the entire page. The trick is to 'Group' several individual elements together. Then you can adjust the placement of the group precisely. Also use the 'Arrangement' option to line up and space elements.

    Or you can use iPhoto to create a short book - but export the PDF for your own use instead of sending it to Apple get it printed. There are lots of options, and it does a good job of spacing and placing photos etc etc. I forget how to export the pages as a PDF, but just Google it... it's an easy operation.


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