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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by digitalmirror, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I've arranged several photos in a Pages document and some of the files are 10 to 50mb. I want to print without losing any resolution and so don't want to reduce the file size at all. Is there somewhere other than Kinkos, etc. that can print large files without any problems? Sometimes Kinkos, etc. can handle it. Sometimes not.

    Also is there anywhere that can actually print directly from Pages to a commercial laser printer. I live in the Philadelphia area, have made many phone call including the Apple Store and no one has any idea. Thanks!
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    Is this a serious question? Really! From your Mac, you can print to any printer on Earth that you can connect to either directly or over the network. Pages is not a special problem. If your neighborhood FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) does not have carrels for customer laptops, then print to PDF, save the PDF to jump drive, and then stick that into one of the shop's computers.

    If by "commercial laser printer," you mean a special kind of printer, then you need to ask about that specific kind of printer rather than use a meaningless generic phrase like "commercial laser printer."
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    How big are you printing these images? Depending on the original resolution and size of the print, reducing the number of pixels in your image may not reduce the number of pixels on the page (ie if the image from the camera is 2000 pixels wide and you are printing that image 2" wide at 600 dpi, you only need 1200 pixels, the rest will be thrown away by the printer).
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    I haven't done this with Pages, but this is how it is done with Indesign.

    Create the boxes in the page layout program to the physical size you want them to be on the print. Go to PhotoShop and save your images as tiff files that will fit your boxes at 300 dpi. Save them and place them into your document. These steps are important because it keeps you from making them fit by resizing the boxes on the page. You lose a little when you do that. Export the finished file as a PDF at press quality. Put this on a flash drive and any print shop should be able to handle it for you.


    Edit: Keep your images in cmyk, not rgb. If Pages has a "preflight" action - look under the Edit menu - run your file through it first. It will tell you if there are any problems.
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    Thanks for the information. I'm sure it will be helpful!

    As for Mister Shakespeare up there, I see since 2002 you managed to work yourself all the way up to Stereotypical Forum Jerk. Compare your pompous tripe to the information that followed. By the way, I've already gone that PDF route, and there I can say first hand your ramblings offer no value in regard to the file size and resolution issues as I described them. Namely in retaining the full resolution. Close but no cigar.

    "A fool thinks himself to be wise..."

    Again thanks to those who took some time out of their day to be helpful. I appreciate it!

    Update: Have everything working. Thanks jampat and Designer Dale!

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