Printing remotely


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Jul 5, 2007
I've got a 2.2 MBP and I'd like to know how I can print while not connected to the printer. We've got a Dell PC hooked up to a printer that I'd like to use remotely. We've got a Leonovo laptop that someone set up to print via our router (connected to the Dell), but I don't know how one goes about doing this for a Mac. :confused:


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Aug 21, 2006
the printer is hooked up to the router or to the Dell PC? If the router, which one? You should be able to find a guide about installing the printer on the router manufacturer's website. If it's connected to the PC and the OS is Windows XP, right mouse click on the printer, Sharing and Security, share it as something, then go to the Mac and the printer dialog, add, navigate to the printer on your network and add it. Shouldn't be too much to it.