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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 617arg, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I posted this in the OSX forum about a week ago. Got no response so I thought I'd try here:


    I have finally gotten my parallel port plotter to work with OS X through the use of Gutenprint drivers but have a little issue. Some of the files I need to print are fairly large and it seems like the plotter runs out of memory. When I was using it through my Windows machine there was an option to use the computer's memory rather than the printer's. I can't seem to find such an option on the Mac. Is it possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction? The plotter is an HP 450c if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I know what you're talking about, either printing directly to the printer or spooling on the computer. I have not seen that in OS X, which uses CUPS if I'm correct.
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    thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I'm talking about.

    What is CUPS?
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    Common Unix Printing System (CUPS). The print control system used on OS X and on linux, etc. Every print job gets "spooled" by CUPS. Maybe there's a printer memory setting available which will keep CUPS from sending too much at once.
    Look at http://localhost:631
    (internal cups admin page) to see if the Printers/Configure area has a memory setting.

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