Printing to networked Lexmark at work?

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    Hey all,

    First off let me start by saying, I'm fairly glad I realized had a forum section! All this time, I'd just been coming here to read the news, now I'm here to ask for knowledge and hopefully share some as well. Anyway, I got my iPad2 yesterday afternoon. I work at a major electronics retailer, the one who's colors are blue and yellow, need I say more. Anyway, I'm going to try and integrate my new iPad2 on the sales floor, in the PC department. The only major obstacle I've come across now is how to print! I've found an app that will allow me to write over the top of a PDF, which is just a digital copy of some of the forms we write up for customers about what they're buying and whatnot. Then when I'm done marking that up, I'd like to be able to print it out to our Lexmark printer/copier/fax big behemoth behind the counter. It has an i.p. address which I got, maybe that'll help? There are also 2 other printers, both lexmark, which are just laser printers, attached to our network that are both at customer service, both of which I wouldn't mind printing to either. One of the smaller lexmarks that is behind the counter at customer service is attached to a "regular" computer, not a POS terminal, which might be my best opportunity. Isn't there some app out there that you install a tiny piece of software on a PC, then the app on your iOS device, and boom, any networked printer hooked up to that PC, is now available from your iOS device? Sorry for the ridiculously long post, its just something I'd like to get figured out ASAP because it would help immensely! Thanks in advance ;)

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