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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Kadman, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I don't need to print regularly, but when I need it, I need it. That said, I'm having significant difficulty finding a workable solution for the iPad. I have a networked Brother color laser printer (all in one). It's not cheap and works fantastic for our Macs and PCs in the house. In other words, I'm not willing to toss it and get something from the strict Airprint list.

    I've purchased ePrint and Print n Share. ePrint works "OK" so long as you're getting the print job over to the app by pasting url's etc. It won't show my printer in Safari, etc. Print n Share has lots of options, but some significant issues, one of which is a "fatal flaw". It took significant effort to get it to print directly and even that was sporadic. I used their WePrint utility on a Win7 server I keep running and that provides consistent printing but the quality is horrible with Print n Share. Graphics look "muddy" almost like it's a 4th generation fax or something.

    I have not tried going the manual setup route to get Airprint to work with a shared printer via the Win7 machine but I've heard many reports that this method is buggy as well. None of the Macs are on 24/7 either so that's out.

    Any thoughts? Surely someone has worked through this before and found an acceptable solution. I'm a 20+ year IT professional and I feel like I'm trying to get DOS printing working in the days before real printer drivers. Grrrr!!!!!
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    When my wife started using her ipad for business more then her laptop this is something i had to deal with...

    The largest hurdle to get over is that you need a PC/MAC running all the time to make AirPrint work. I have a couple of Win2k8 servers in my house so it wasn't that big of an issue for me. You could always revive an old PC and turn it into a dedicated AirPrint 'server' (just stick it in a closet or under a desk and forget about it).

    I used this installer:

    I haven't had any problems for the few months i've had it setup...


    PS. Since i have it on a dedicated server i've also used the 'Home Sharing' feature in iTunes to share my entire music collection wirelessly to our iPads. It also works as our 'Air Video' server so we can stream our video collection. Toss in a great Remote Desktop app and you now have a windows PC in your iPad..... Add it all up and its a good excuse to run a dedicated PC :)

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