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    Apr 8, 2011
    Ok. 15 years ago i was using an inky old IBM to make logos, flyers, lablels and adding text and graphics to my artwork. It was super easy. Then for years I had been told that Mac is for artists and all the artists use Mac. For the past 3 years I have been using Pages on an iMac and have not been able to do ANY of that stuff, even the fonts are listed in ONE font. My boyfriend who is a Mac freak got me the iPad 2 the day it came out swearing I could do all this creative art stuff but can't figure out HOW! I have downloaded over a dozen apps that don't do the things Print Shop does. I have tried InspirePro, PS Express, PhotoPad, Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook, iDraw to name a few and they all stink. Pixalmator, Gimp and Seashore don't down load on the IPad. WHAT Works??? Do I have to buy a Print Master disc for Mac and put it in the iMac and then download that to the iPad??? Adobe illustrator costs $600 and that is insane and I don't even know what it does or if it would work on the iPad. Please, please help! The iMac is leaving my house soon and I am starting to think I should have got a laptop or even a Dell:mad:
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    have you had any luck yet?

    Hi, I am just going through the same thing now with the iPad I just bought, can't find anything like seashore to use on it - have you had any luck since your original post?

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