Prison Life RPG - upcoming prison theme game!

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    Hi everyone,
    I like to introduce the game I have been working on for a long long long time.

    It is a point and click RPG where you play as one of the prisoners, trying to survive or even escape from the Prison!

    More than 100 prisoners to interact with!
    *Meet characters that resembles prison break, simpson, southpark, lord of the ring and many more in prison!
    *You can interact with each prisoners and improve or worsen your relationship.
    *Good relationship: they will help you, you can learn skills from them or even ask them to join your escape team!
    *Bad relationship: they will bully you, beat you up, or even hire another prisoner to kill you!

    Breaking out of prison is not the only goals of this game. Each character has his own personal goal. For example

    *You want to become Leader of a gang in prison
    *You are here to kill the prisoner who has murdered your wife
    *You want to get rich in prison
    *You are a loser in life. You wish to become a strong bad-ass bully!
    *Your wife is leaving you for another guy so you beat him up. Now you have to win back your wife's heart from prison!
    *Your brother is being sentenced to death. You are here to break out of prison with him!
    *You are hired to test the security of the prison. Break out within 20 days!
    and many more!

    How to get out of prison?

    *Behave yourself, make friends with guards, then get a parole and leave prison early.
    *Do your time, and get released from prison.
    *Or simply break out of prison in many interesting methods!

    Android, iOS iphone 4 and above

    Target Release:
    Hopefully this month!

    $3.99 USD

    Thanks for reading, feedback is appreciated!






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