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    Hello all,

    As this is my first post, I hope this type of notice is acceptable for this thread.

    Please allow me to let you know that we will have two apps in the Mac App Store on March 31 (today) and hope you will check them out.

    To get to the point of why the Privacy Envelope technology may matter to some:

    1. It is different. Privacy Envelope is not Public Key but rather a pure symmetrical substitution cipher over binary data.

    2. Privacy Envelope users never have to view or be concerned about the actual key strings and other strings of digital soup (e.g. “Here’s my PGP public key - KDKTH3U83”). They can choose to handle and store a file that contains key bytes but only at the file level.

    The encryption strength:

    Privacy Envelope technology creates a uniquely-orders set of key bytes, similar to a ‘one time pad’, as they are unique for every encrypted (e.g. “Scrambled”) data file. The true ‘key’ is the Authorization Code which never needs to exist or be shared in digital form. With a 16 to 26 character Authorization Code (each character chosen from a 95-character alphabet), the equivalent possible Authorization Code combinations are 2 to the power of 105 and 170+ bits, respectively.

    For some perspective on the difficulty of a mere 56 bit password (DES) cracking exercise, please see Pico Computing and their box taking an average of almost a half a day (worst case of 23 hours) to crack 56 bits.
    (see here: and scroll down to “Cracking DES”)

    All the technology talk aside, the app itself if very straight forward and easy to use and integrates with the Mac Finder, Mail, and Messages apps.

    Our press release follows my note and contains the details, including how to locate the product page containing a demonstration video, product links into the Mac App Store, etc..

    Oh, and if you have read this far, notice the two provided “Promo Codes” in order to retrieve the full version of Privacy Envelope at the Mac App Store. First come, first serve.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

    “The Fourth”

    -- Start Promo Codes --


    Codes expires on April 24, 2015
    and is redeemable only on the Mac App Store for United States. Requires an iTunes account, subject to prior acceptance of license and usage terms. To open an account you must be above the age of 13 and in United States. Compatible software and hardware, and internet access (fees may apply) required. Not for resale. Full terms apply; see For more information, see This app is provided to you by Fourth Right Solutions, LLC.
    -- End Promo Codes --

    -- Press Release --

    Privacy Envelope Brings Security to Your Digital Life
    Privacy Envelope and Privacy Envelope Lite Are Now Available in the Mac App Store

    FORT WORTH, Texas - March 31, 2015 - Fourth Right Solutions, LLC today announces the availability of both Privacy Envelope and Privacy Envelope Lite, apps for Macintosh. Privacy Envelope provides OS X users with very strong file-based security. A new (and free) app, “Privacy Envelope Lite with Free Revealer” is also available and offers full “Reveal” (decryption) capability. Both apps are available today in the Mac App Store.

    Unique features of the full version ($6.99) of Privacy Envelope include:

    * The ability to immediately create a new Mail app email or a Messages app message attachment with a newly Scrambled attachment.
    * Very strong data file protection when using the ability to separate a newly Scrambled file into two parts - the Scrambled key bytes and the Scrambled data. This is useful for hosting large files and limiting access to only those with the Key file.
    * The ability for cryptography researchers to examine the intermediate decryption results. This is useful to learn the extent of a file’s ‘entropy’ when the Authorization Code is incorrect by even one bit.

    By now you should know your data isn’t safe. Numerous governments, corporations and criminal organizations target your emails, passwords, pins and any kind of digital data available. Ed Snowden’s exposure of NSA procedure is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to electronic snooping. The NSA is simply more sophisticated at it than others.

    “I tested Privacy Envelope in depth. There are other programs out there that can keep your data safe from the casual hacker. Privacy Envelope keeps your data safe… period. It is a technically superior product with a unique flexibility not found anywhere else that I’m aware of. If the US government wanted to break a message you sent with Privacy Envelope, they could.**However, it would take a lot of their resources and time - and if they were dedicating that much effort to it, chances are you would already be detained. A professional hacker (a more serious threat) simply wouldn’t be able to do it. Privacy Envelope even provides the tremendous bonus of being able to encrypt large sections of data on your disk drives.**That means if they are stolen or taken, they would be useless to the person or agency in possession - because even having the Privacy Envelope app, they wouldn’t have the correct code sequence to open the files.**This is THE BEST DEAL on the App Store, hands down.”
    -- Michael R. Doody, former USAF Electronic Warfare Officer - foreign signals intercept collection, former USNR Cryptanalysis Officer, and retired Skunk Works engineer

    Privacy Envelope’s security technology contains no “back doors”, no hashing, and no prime numbers.

    “Privacy Envelope is the first product available which is based upon our digital security technology platform and we are excited about the future solutions we intend to deliver based upon this platform. We intend to provide information security for our OS X and iOS customers to protect their files and messages while allowing them to continue using their preferred apps and service providers.”
    -- Terry Cipher, lead application engineer and a founding principle of Fourth Right Solutions, LLC

    Use Privacy Envelope before sending your files and messages over the Internet. Use it for Mail attachments, Messages app attachments, and for all your sensitive files stored on your personal computer hard drive as well as in a "cloud" service.

    About Us:

    Fourth Right Solutions, LLC was founded to provide individuals and small businesses the tools to better ensure that their intellectual and proprietary property, private correspondence, health and medical matters, legal affairs, etc. are not invaded or used by others without their permission.

    We believe that “It’s Not Secure Unless YOU Scramble It.”

    Pricing and Availability:

    Privacy Envelope is available now on the Mac App Store for just $6.99 / £4.99 / €6,99.
    Privacy Envelope Lite is available now on the Mac App Store as a free download.


    Privacy Envelope site with demonstration video, app screen shots, and more:

    iTunes Mac App Store site for Privacy Envelope:

    iTunes Mac App Store site for Privacy Envelope Lite:

    Press Contact:

    Terry Cipher
    Fourth Right Solutions, LLC.
    (817) 583-4916

    Privacy Envelope*and Fourth Right Solutions are trademarks of Fourth Right Solutions, LLC. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

    -- End --
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    Seems interesting and definitely an app I might need from time to time - thanks for sharing!

    Also I have redeemed one of your promo codes - 3NRWRX94E46F (just FYI worked in the UK App Store as well)

    Thanks a lot!

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