Privacy options on iOS

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Apple blogger, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Feb 28, 2013
    We have privacy options, which allow us to choose what we want the app to youse from our phone like microphone, photos, etc..

    I don't seem to understand what use it is... Don't get me wrong, I know what it does, I don't know y do you need them..

    For eg..If I download an app. It has features which help me share photos, speak using the microphone, use my location etc etc.. But I have the option to stop it from getting access to these things...
    What use would that be, the app doesn't send this info to the developer, nor does it publicly reveal my photos to anyone, nor does it automatically upload it.. If you don't give it access you probably loose out the feature.. Eg voice messaging in whatsapp.. If I don't allow it access to my microphone, I will be at a loss, I won't be able to use the feature, what's "my privacy" got to do with it...

    I can understand about location services.. It takes up your battery uses your data whenever you open the app, but what's the use about others...
    Another eg. Facebook.. I Give it access to my photos so it can share.. But why does it need to ask me, what use it if I don't give it access? It's not going to publicly share it automatically without me knowing!

    On the keynote they said it, that apps are like a sandbox and they are provided what what u want them to be provided with.. I don't get the point how is it related " my privacy"

    If you are trying to get what I'm saying, and explaination on this would be helpful..

    Privacy is when you don't want other ppl to see what you use or do, not stop the app from accessing something ...
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Apple protects its users through their App approval process. It is not often a malicious or rogue app can make its way to the app store. BUT, what if it does?

    How would you feel if an App you downloaded you thought was safe from the app store accesses your camera without your permission and someone is observing you and your surroundings through your camera?

    I dont trust any apps (approved or not). If an app wants access to my contacts for example and I don't think it should have access or I'm not comfortable with it I deny it.
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    Feb 28, 2013
    I trust all the apps on the App Store... If they are fake, they won't be on the App Store.. But I get your point.. But it still doesn't solve my problem...
  4. Armen, Jun 3, 2014
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Privacy options on iOS

    It's designed that way. Where is the problem?
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    Feb 28, 2013
    Not problem per se, I don't get the reason y an app needs to ask my permission to use something thats on my device as the app can neither upload to the public, nor publicly reveal the info..

    Like I said , I understand privacy settings about location services, as that saves data and battery, but what about the rest, y can't the app just directly go just like in ios 4...

    Yes, suppose there is a feature that it'll upload stuff or new photos automatically, then I agree , It needs my permission.. But not for others ...
  6. Bathplug, Jun 4, 2014
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    Jul 12, 2010
    Depends on the app. For example youtube wanted access to the microphone so I denied that because I won't use that voice feature in the app. Denied 4 other apps access to my location as well.

    A jailbreak tweak called protect my privacy can take this a step further by denying apps access to your network, device name, clipboard and advertising identifier. Also a lot of apps have flurry analytics integration and other stuff sending real time data about how you are using the apps. Which you can also block with a jailbreak tweak called firewall ip. With both of these tweaks and the standard ios privacy settings, you'll be surprised at how many apps want access to features of your phone plus also connecting to random ip address sending out analytics.

    I've downloaded many apps that I didn't even think connected to the internet once you launch them but then to find they want to access my network, device name, clipboard, advertising identifier plus connecting to various ip addresses. So I'm definitely going to decline apps access my phone features if I don't plan to use that feature within the app.
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    May 31, 2007
    Florida, USA
    This is a really dangerous attitude to have. You should never just trust everything.

    A lot of the companies that make these apps do not have your best interests in mind; they just want to make money. And if they can make money by selling your information to third parties, often they will.

    The default should always be "don't trust" in your mind. Don't give a company (or person, really!) your trust until they've earned it. And even then, be wary because betrayal happens.

    I don't even trust Apple themselves completely. I use their products because they're convenient and work well, and it's a calculated risk, but I sure as hell always think before giving them more of my data.
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Privacy options on iOS

    Apps ask for more permissions than they need or than I need them to.

    PBS wants my calendars? NO. Flickr wants my microphone? NO. Pinterest wants my entire contact list? NO. The dictionary app wants my location every time I look up a word? FORGET ABOUT IT. Yet I am able to use these apps comfortably precisely because I have the option to choose what they can access. I can use these apps the way I want.

    I have friends on Android that simply do not download some apps that they would otherwise use because they ask for many permissions that they should not need. It's either all or nothing.

    Your "problem" is not one to be solved. It is your preference. Your "problem" is that just because you feel fine giving all these permissions you think that the rest of humanity should too. But that's not true.
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    Feb 28, 2013
    The apps that you mentioned want some or the other access, if you have it to them, what would happen, would they disclose to anyone..

    Or are you saying that apps that are installed on the phone, can see whatever they have access to and send it back to the developers?

    See basically what I meant that, privacy should be to not allow someone or something to use so as to disclose it..
    Location service- I understand..
    But y block microphone or calendar? I understand that you don't want your app to use it.. But if u allow it, nothing's gonna go wrong...

    Suppose, on twitter, or any photosharing app, there is a feature to automatic upload new photos when ever I use it, then yes, I wouldn't give access.. But a normal app, like YouTube, if it wants my microphone acces, there is no point stoping it, because it won't use it unless you don't want it to..
    I don't think there can be any "unauthorized access" to the stuff on my phone, cause that would be hacking, and if that's there, the app would be removed, or apple will take such steps

    And I don't have "problem" I think it's a good feature... But I don't understand "y it should ask" unless the app can share it with others without me doing it..

    U said flickr wants your microhphone access, and you denied it.. Because you don't to use the feature.. But if u give access to it, what'll happen? It's not going to keep using it(like your location services) unless you want ..


    Hmm.. So your trying to say there are apps that try to reveal my stuff they have access to?
    Also read the answer before this,.
  10. antiprotest, Jun 4, 2014
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Your "understanding" that one may want to restrict location is arbitrary. Will the developer disclose your location without asking you? Many apps do not. Will the developer knock on your door? Probably not. But what if it discloses your location? Will everyone show up at your door? Probably not. Yet you understand this restriction.

    However, there are reasons for these options even if I do not care about privacy at all. There are practical issues with the usage of the phone. For example, I don't want PBS app to get at my calendar because it wants to inject it's schedule into my calendar app. I don't want MANY apps to get at my Twitter because they want to sign in using my Twitter account when I want to create an account with my email. I don't want some message apps to get my whole contact list because I only use those apps to chat with a few people, in one case, only one person. This other person uses Android on that app and her whole contact list is on that app so that besides being unsightly, she has to hunt for my name when looking for my contact info, plus other people using that app might see her on there when she only uses it with me.

    You're the one who said in an earlier post "that doesn't solve my PROBLEM." So you do have a problem. Yet here you said you don't have a problem, and said that it's a (pointless?) "good feature".

    This is my final answer on this thread because it seems that there is "no point" in answering, since you seem too arbitrary and inconsistent on this issue to pin down and answer.

    You could say, "But what could go wroooonggg?" to anything that anybody says here. But I can also say "But what could go wrong?" that someone prefers to have these options. Why? But what could go wrong if they do not or cannot answer why? Now anything you say, I say "What could go wrong?" right back at you.

    I mean, what could go wrong if the app gets your whole contact list and spams everyone invitations (actual scenario with several apps, sometimes due to the apps, some due to user error)? What could go wrong if the boss gets spammed? So what? It's not like he'd fire you. But what could go wrong if you get fired? You can get another job. But what could go wrong if you can't find another job? You can can go on welfare? But what could go wrong if you are denied welfare? You can beg on the street. But what could go wrong if no one gives you anything? You can search the dumpsters. But what could go wrong if the dumpsters are empty. You can rob people. But what could go wrong if you're arrested. Free room and board!
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    Feb 28, 2013

    See that's the answer I I needed!!!! Now I think I understand the point.. The app uses ur stuff and sends it's own data in it... That's what needed to understand... I mean yes ! These app that you mentioned and y u have privacy on them make 100000% sense now... The message app with only 1 contact ... Wow!

    Thanx bro!!!!! : D :D

    I'm sorry if I was inconsistent ... Actually I just used the word "problem" in the wrong place... I couldn't find a word that could describe what I was trying to say..

    And BTW... If someone seems pointless, please don't try to stop convincing, sometimes he is wrong,(like on the android forums) but ppl like me, they just want to know "why" and YOU HAVE PERFECTKY EXPAINED ME WHY! :)

    Thanx a lot!!!
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Wow. "If they are fake, they won't be on the App Store."

    You couldn't be more wrong about that.

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