Pro 16 inch for 4k video editing: CPU, RAM, GPU?


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Jul 8, 2019
Hi everyone, I just purchased the base MacBook Pro 16 inch model, but am going to return it after doing some research on the best model for 4k video editing. My primary use for the computer would be office work (portability and screen size are very important for me here), but I would like to start filming and editing 4k videos as a hobby (not for work, not yet). I'm new to this, and am not sure how to prioritize my spending. Here are the configurations I'm considering:

i9, 16 gb RAM, 5500 w/4 gb
i6, 32 gb RAM, 5300m w/4 gb
i6, 32 gb RAM, 5500 w/4 gb

Which would you recommend for my use case? If I can get by with 16 gb of RAM, I have a great offer on that model that is very appealing. But I'm really concerned that I'll need 32 gb. If so, how big of a deal is the 5300 vs 5500 graphics card? I would like to keep this computer for at least 5 years.

Thanks to anyone who has advice! I know nothing about video editing, but am really looking forward to getting into it.
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