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Original poster
Hello everybody. :)

I would like to start a topic about Pro Applications that are only developed by Apple.

The programs that I refer to are:

Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Aperture, Logic Pro & MainStage.

Now I'm taking a pretty good guess here and say this...
People using these apps for a living are left in the dark to much and we need to change this attitude rapidly.

FCP and Motion had their big upgrade but came with a lot of shortcomings. Compressor has not much new to offer.

Aperture updated recently with bug fixes but still doesn't deliver the tools other software offers nowadays.

Logic Pro (I use the most) is in my opinion still the best DAW in the world but....
It can be soo much better and hasn't been updated with groundbreaking stuff for a long long time now.
I haven't used MainStage enough to judge on.

Now a little bit about hardware. The Mac Pro needs a mature upgrade ASAP.
If Apple wants to be taking more seriously in the Pro community they got to present the best.
As we all know the Mac Pro is expensive and hasn't had a real upgrade in years.
Doesn't even have Thunderbolt as a standard!!!!!
People are kept in the dark. Many users are questioning if Apple ever will go Pro again like we wan't them to.
Many users like myself wan't to go all the way with Apple but need more clarity on future plans.

So I thought...
Lets start a topic on why we love using Apple's Pro applications, why we like to use only Apple Pro applications thru the App Store etc.
Tell us what can be better but also why we are uncertain to invest again, why we wan't more openness and things like that.
(maybe as this topic gets more ammo we can start a petition to create more exposure)


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Mar 6, 2011
I love Apple's prices (comparing to Adobe). I hate Adobe because of security vulnerabilities and Flash crap.

But for me as hobbyist the software products are too difficult to learn. I would like that Apple release a competitor to Dreamweaver :cool:


Original poster
But for me as hobbyist the software products are too difficult to learn. I would like that Apple release a competitor to Dreamweaver :cool:

Use these books if anyone wants to learn more about Pro Applications (project files are on dvd)
They go from the very first basics up to the more advanced stuff.
Year after year I couldn't find any better books then these ones.


For Logic:

At this point I'm deciding whether or not I'm buying a CS6 bundle. (Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
I want all my software on Apple electronics thru the Mac App Store but if Apple doesn't offer a total package with their products.....
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