Pro audio app slowdown questions!?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Millertime660, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Hi everyone!

    Long time mac user but new to the forums... I am currently using alot of different pro audio software. Logic, ableton live, and mainly propellerheads reason/record. While using record when there are alot of memory extensive devices I sometimes get slowdown and clipping issues. My system is currently a 1.67 ghz intel core duo, 1 gb of ram, and a 320 gb 7200rpm internal drive. I guess my question is I was going to try and upgrade to 2 gigs of ram (my system max) to try to help my issue out but was wondering if it's more the processor speed.

    So should I bother upgrading or am I most likely going to be looking for a new system?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Take a look at "Activity Monitor". It will tell you the percent of CPU utilization and the amount of RAM used. Keep the monitor up and running as you work.

    Keep adding more RAM if there is not always some free (green) in the monitor. However if your system only allows 2GB this may not be possible.

    It is somewhat counterintuitive that if you are short of RAM the CPU will not use 100% used. That is because it has to wait for the disk more. With more RAM the CPU will see more usage, It only makes sense to upgrade to a faster CPU (new system) if the current system shows very high CPU utilization.

    That said, of course a new quad core iMac with 8GB ram will work better.

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