Problem after Problem, hard drive?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by HappySnail, May 22, 2012.

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    May 26, 2008

    My iMac's been on a downhill slide recently although I can't seem to work out the problem at all.
    I use Awaken to wake it from sleep every morning. The first time it failed, as soon as it woke I got the grey kernel panic warning. Restarted and everything ran fine, thought it was a one off. When the alarm went off the next morning it froze with no warning and when I tried to restart it just showed the grey boot screen and occasionally it would show the flashing grey question mark after about 10 mins stuck on the blank screen.
    So I tried the normal things (Safe boot, NVRAM / PRAM Reset) and got no results, gave up and left it. Came back that evening and tried it again on the off chance I could get anywhere with a Lion recovery USB stick. As soon held alt on start up the Hard Drive came up and so I could just load it normally (I had tried this before and just got the grey screen plus mouse pointer).
    Once running (took a little longer than usual to boot) the computer was fine, working well. I turned of the alarm clock as I no longer trusted it and just put it in sleep mode normally. It was fine this time but after 2 days it crashed again and reset to useless grey screen mode.
    After a while the hard drive came back as before and when it did I ran a hardware check (fine) and a disk utility check (also fine). I restored the whole thing from a bootcamp backup although for some reason this backup doesn't have the applications folder in it (something I didn't realise at the time) - This must have been my fault but god knows why i'd exclude the apps folder from backup.
    So at the moment I'm up and running after backup although with no apps, be it system apps or otherwise. Only finder and dashboard. Are there any other checks/repairs I can do to it or do you think it would be a hardware fault?
    I had a Kernel panic log but couldn't copy and paste it or scroll through it as the computer had crashed when it came up.

    Sorry this is so long, just thought I should explain it properly as I have no idea what is happening.
    My flatmate has had a dead laptop with the gray screen but this on and off working is odd. Also is there a way to install my applications back (the system ones), i've no idea how i'd do it with Lion as I have no disks to run from - Will I need a clean install?

    Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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