Problem: Airport express network (1st and 2nd gen units)

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    Feb 4, 2013
    I had a network using a 1st generation Airport express base station with an additional base station as on bridge mode as an extender. Then when I upgraded my sky set top box to one which required an Ethernet connection I plugged it into the extender unit. Whilst it worked, the internet speed across the whole network fell dramatically, was insufficient for downloading on the sky box and kept dropping out. So I upgraded to a second gen base station. and now I have two 1st gen base stations to use as bridge units. Great I thought, I can finally connect them up to sky box in one room and the stereo in the otherwith the new 2nd gen as the main base station. I did this and it works, except the internet speed has now dropped again when all three are connected. Reduce the network to two units (one 2nd gen as the main unit and one 1st gen as a bridge hooked up to the sky box) and there is an appreciable improvement. Except I now have a redundant base station. My question is this; is there a better way of setting the network up? Either by changing the channels on the bridge units or some other change in settings? We have alot of devices all using the network (i.e. an iMac, 2 ipads, 2 apple tvs and ipods iphones etc) so i really want to set it up so as to maximise the bandwith available to each device. any thoughts?

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