iPad Problem! Apps not installing unless you also update your iOS version?!

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by delvestoodeep, Sep 21, 2012.

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    So I just off the phone with tech support and the situation has concerned me enough that I wanted to put a shout out to folks who might be dealing with similar circumstances. As It concerns more than just my immediate issue, I’m not sure the best way to present the problem I’m seeing.
    I’ll state the crux of the matter first, and then details after:

    In a nutshell, the problem is that apple has updated many apps to only work with the latest version of iOS. Even paid apps, such as iMovie. People not on iOS 6 can no longer use the iCloud service as stated – namely, one cannot wipe their device (or have it wiped) and restore properly from iCloud. I have tested this over the past two days on a number of devices and finally had the situation verified by apple tech support.

    Brief rundown of the problem details:
    I manage 10 ipad 2 tablets in a small-scale circulation program at a university library. I use a Mac Mini Server and Apple Configurator to push apps out to our iPads. For paid apps, we purchase volume licenses. From time to time, I DL the latest updates to our iPad apps in iTunes, and then turn around and drop those into the Configurator profiles that are pushed out to the iPads.

    After iOS 6 was released, I got all the latest updates to our iPad apps (but have not yet updated the iPads to iOS 6). All of my attempts to rebuild the 5.1.1 devices yesterday failed. The error said that the apps couldn’t be installed. After some testing, I realized that the app that was causing everything to fail was iMovie. I had one device here that IS iOS6, so I was able to confirm that iMovie and all the other updated apps install fine on iOS6 devices, but not iOS5.1.1. Two days ago, they installed just fine. Yesterday they did not.

    I contact apple tech support and they were able to confirm that, iMovie is now just an iOS 6 app. If you have the old versions stored on your harddrive, you can still push those out to your devices. If not, the app that you paid for is no longer viable on your non iOS6 device.


    I guess I want to get a feeling from people. Is this acceptable? Yes, I know I can update the devices to iOS6. For now. But if patterns repeat a year from now, iOS7 may not be available for the iPad 2, just as iOS 6 is not available for the 1st gen iPad right now. This suggests that a year from now, people will no longer be able to wipe their iPad 2 clean and rebuild it via icloud AT ALL. It seems to me that the Apple’s practice of not allowing “latest version available to my device” as a download option and instead opting for “latest version only” is really going to bite some people down the line.

    My contact with tech support resulted in the following paraphrased ‘solution’. Update to iOS6. Unless you can’t. If not, contact customer support and see if they want to issue refunds for your software licenses that you can no longer use.

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    1) It's a terrible thing. DRM is per-file, so even if you bought an app, you cannot install the IPA from anyone else. It has to be the original one you purchased.

    2) This is how it has been for YEARS.

    Some apps came out that required iOS 4 all of a sudden. Users with the original iPhone and iPod touch suddenly couldn't update - or even re-install an app - that use to work fine.

    Some apps came out that required iOS 4.3.x all of a sudden. Users with the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen suddenly couldn't update - or even re-install an app - that use to work fine.

    It will go on and on and on.

    The only solution is to make sure and back up all copies of ALL *.IPA files.

    Luckily, I use CrashPlan at home. If I get an updated IPA, I can roll back to any other IPA I've had.
    I *think* I'm all set.

    My main phone is an iPhone 4S, so it's fine for now. My other iPhone is a 3GS. I have to start backing up IPAs, because you never know when an iOS update will come that it cannot install (maybe it will not get iOS 6.1, etc).
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    Well, I guess it stands to reason that it's how it's been for years.. It's how apple does business. I guess I just took notice of it for the first time because now it's 'icloud' based. Before, you kept your files stored locally, pushed them out via wire from itunes, etc... now with iCloud, you don't really have a choice (Apart from, as you say, still using the local backups).

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