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Discussion in 'iMac' started by mrganderson, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Im new to the Apple world and only started with an apple iPhone a couple of months ago and have since switched everything over to apple with an iPad and very recently an iMac with a 27in display. Im loving my apple but it is taking a bit of getting used too after using PC s for years. Most things i can figure out for myself but the one problem i do have though is burning to a DVD disk. either from aperture or from a folder on my desktop. If i burn to a CD disk no problems. But if i try to burn to a DVD+RW it starts the burn process but then the computer freezes. I'm unable to stop the process and can't even shut it down. the only way to stop it is the put the power cord.
    Am i using the wrong DVD. Should i be using -RW instead +RW. I'm sure i following the right process of burning a disk.
    Any help would be great,
    Oh and not forgetting a massive hello to all me fellow apple users out there. sorry it took me so long to join you.
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    Honestly, I have the worst experiences with the superdrive (The DVD/CD player/writers in mac's). they make a tremendous noise, they vibrate my entire macbook (so I just replaced it with an SSD), and on my iMac half of the burned DVD's fail.

    It should write to DVD-RW. Did you try different programs (iMovie, disk utility etc). Is it just one program you have problems with?

    You could just (it never hurts) reset your pram and nvram.

    Also, make sure you have the latest updates. There was a firmware update (although, I don't think it updates the super drive).
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    Feb 9, 2012
    The same thing happens when trying to burn a DVD from aperture or from my Desktop. CD's are fine. so I'm going to try a different make of DVD. to be honest i had loads of trouble burning DVDs from my pc, I think it one of those things "too many cooks spoil the broth". If everyone just agreed on one format life would be so much more simple.
    Thanks for the reply
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    I think that could well be your issue, get a new batch of DVDRW's and try again, if it still fails to write then back to Apple.

    On a similar topic, my next door neighbour just borrowed 10 DVDRW's from me as he had just purchased 100pk and none will write.

    I don't use them at all now, so had spares to give him. It does happen that an entire batch can be bad.

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