Problem connecting ipad to mac pro with airport express station.

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    Hi there,

    I just bought touch-able, an app that lets me control the music software ableton live via my ipad. Problem is, I can't get it running as I don't know how to set the wifi up. What I have is:

    - mac pro without an airport card
    - modem router with adsl going in, one ethernet going to my mac pro, and one ethernet going to an airport express station to provide internet to my iphone etc.

    Now I can get my ipad and iphone to receive internet from the airport express just fine, but what I'd actually need to do, is get the ipad to communicate back through the airport express, through the router, into my mac pro, to the software. Is this possible or am I going to have to shell out for an airport extreme card? Somebody at an apple store today told me it should work, but how?!

    I read something about an ad hoc network or something? Could I perhaps plug the aiport express ethernet into my second mac pro ethernet out, thus creating a loop of some sorts? Problem with the tutorials on the site, is that they say, open up your wifi settings and create new network, but I don't have the wifi icon in the upper menu bar like I did with my macbook, so how do I create a new network if my airport express is all the way over there hooked into my router?! :(

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    With out an airport card you can't create an adhoc network. If you could then you'd be able to connect to that app over the Airport express anyways. Just save yourself the trouble and buy an airport card online and stick it in your Mac Pro.

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